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Oh wow. The Daily Beast asked a bunch of former Project Runway Designers to to design an inaugural ball gown for Michelle Obama. With a few caveats:

For this challenge, they were only allowed to use Laura Bush’s 2005 Inaugural Ball dress, to be chopped up and repurposed, à la Pretty in Pink; an American flag; burlap potato sacks; and $10 worth of trims of their choice.

You can imagine how well this went. Austin Scarlett, Malan Breton, and Leanne Marshall had some nice ideas. The rest... well, as Christian Siriano would say, it's a hot tranny mess. Extra demerits to Rami Kashou and Mychal Knight because their shit just looks trashy and there is no way Mrs. O (already coined "Blackie O" by the fashion community) would be caught dead in that tacky shit.

Jezebel looked through the designer's actual work for some better alternatives. Personally I think Mrs. O. would look drop dead gorgeous in that sky blue Leanne gown. GET ON THE PHONE, LEANNE.

Things that should be easier to find

1. Walkable, mid-height heel, closed-toe leather pumps. I want a shoe that can be dressed up or down, I can walk all over the city in, keeps my foot dry when it rains, doesn't show "toe cleavage" (ugh) and isn't dowdy.

2. A casual, waist- or thigh-length jacket that is not too sporty nor too blazer-y, is not leather, has full-length sleeves, and isn't hideous or retardedly expensive.

In other words, I want things to wear when it rains in NYC. Which it does. Not infrequently.


Old Navy? New awesome!

Saw this at Old Navy today. WANT IT NOW. The fabric quality was actually really good. It was a heavy ponté knit that you could wear as-is now and then over a black turtleneck and tights for the winter. I will be going back for it, oh yes I will.

I'm also drooling over these in just about every color, especially the grey and the neon green. Ditto these, which could only be improved upon with the addition of a heel (I have fat ankles, people – heels are my friends).

If you haven't checked out Old Navy lately, do so. Todd Oldham has done wonderful things for the design and quality of their clothing. The designs are colorful, of a much better quality, and actually fashion-forward in a way that would probably surprise you from the place you used to go to for cheap t-shirts and tank tops (though they still have those, too).

I swear I'm not just plugging them because I used to work there. There's tons of cute shit there right now!

(And apparently it's going fast. The hella-cute butterfly print cardigan I wanted was nowhere to be found in the store today, and I can't find it on the website either. DAMMIT.)


Something hysterical.

So I'm doing an article for the mag on the versatility of men's blazers, and I came across this little gem of humour. I'm still giggling about it. 

Jul. 1st, 2008


Awesome sale at Express!

So I usually slip into Express, look around, have a seizure at the prices, and then retreat to the clearance section before leaving entirely. But sometimes they have really awesome deals. Right now they're having a big sale with some awesome bargains!

This dress was originally $128; I got it for $39.99:

(If anyone has suggestions for accessories to go with this, I'd appreciate it. I'm planning to wear it to an August wedding in a Catholic church, which means I need to cover my shoulders somehow. I'm thinking simple, strappy gold shoes and simple gold earrings since this dress makes a statement on it's own, but I'm not sure what sort of wrap/jacket/light sweater will work to cover my shoulders. I'm also torn on whether to wear my hair up or down or curly or straight or what. Suggestions?)

I also got this, which was originally $98; I got it for $29.99:

I got a gorgeous skirt too, also for $29.99. Two dresses and a skirt, all for less than the original cost of one dress! They've also got deals on tank tops, blouses, etc. It's definitely worth checking out if you like their clothes.

The heat brings out the tacky

We've talked about this before...warm weather hits and people think they can wear whatever they want, completely ignoring the flesh oozing from places that simply should not ooze. Or, they completely forget the basic laws of fashion...

Such as when wearing a halter top, you should not wear a regular bra.

Now, it's one thing if your bra straps are part of the outfit. For example, I can see certain merit in a yellow wide strap tank top with cornflower blue bra straps that occasionaly peek out. I wouldn't do it, but there's effort there and I appreciate that.

However, a bright yellow halter top with standard (slightly dingy) white bra straps look an awful lot like you don't have a mirror and those "friends" you were walking with might secretly hate you. Add to that really, really, short and tight cutoffs...For a moment, I thought I had been transported to White Trash, USA and expected Britany to round the corner in any moment in her gas guzzler with SP on her lap and a beer bottle in her hand. (Note: Secretly I applaud that Brit seems to be at least putting up a show of effort. Girl is still trashy and not in the least bit fabulous about it.)



Hey fashionistas!

So I read a lot of magazines. And I'm curious about your thoughts on them if you read them too. Take a few seconds to fill out my poll if you can!

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Your trademarks

We have a few new members, and we've been quiet for a while, so here's a few things to spark some talking. If you want to make a new post that's awesome! Otherwise feel free to comment here.

A fine upstanding member of this community today reminded me that I tend to wear a lot of low-back dresses when I dress up. There's a reason for this. You see, I am not particularly blessed in the bustline area, and was once told by the owner of a vintage dress shop: "If you've got nothing up front, get a dress with a great back!" I took this message to heart enough that I sort of do it subconsciously now. Even my wedding gown focused most of it's detail on the back.

So I wonder if any of you have something like this – that thing toward which you always gravitate, maybe without even knowing.

I've found this happens with color, too. I go through color phases. Last summer most of my wardrobe was dominated by greens and browns. Lately I wear a lot of blue, grey, and bright pink. I find myself doing this and after a few months I go... gee, why don't I own anything in X color? Then I start buying up that color and the pendulum swings back the other way.

So tell us, fellow fashionistas: what are your style trademarks?