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God help me. I think there are Crocs I don't actually hate.

Neither these or these make me want to gouge my own eyes out. I might actually – ohgod – wear them.

Have I gone insane? Or have they finally made shoes that are not entirely repugnant?


Mar. 17th, 2008

Since I'm reveling in my strong bargain fu, I thought I'd spread the good news. Awesome clearance sales right now at the following sites:

• VictoriasSecret.com – limited sizes and colors, but some great stuff on the cheap – the cashmere/silk sweaters are a perfect weight for early spring and they're $20 and under!

• Target.com – great discounts on Isaac Mizrahi, adorable jewelry and shoes, and some early spring discounts.

• OldNavy.com – the "bargains" section allows you to search their entire sale inventory by your sizes in each category all at once.

Happy shopping!

I have a new favorite show!

This has to be the best fashion show I've seen. Someone thought that Ben Stein needed to be in a fashion based tv show, and now I must watch the plethora of dumb models trying to be smart, or smart models failing on the catwalk. It's like a train wreck with make up. According to the models, Memphis and Seattle are states, the guy who shot JFK was named Brad, and Lacroix is actually spelled Laqua. Oh, and collagen is actually silicon, and "metal" is on the periodic table of elements.

Most of all, I found myself looking around for someone to share the snark, and the only one listening was my dog. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it as an hour more entertaining than America's Top Model.

Feb. 27th, 2008

Fur Flies at Jean-Paul Gaultier

From the Daily Telegraph:

The fur was flying when French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier showed at Paris Fashion Week yesterday.

From coats to headpieces, the designer didn't shy away from what was once a taboo topic on the catwalk - wearing fur.

In the '90s models such as Naomi Campbell fronted anti-fur campaigns, now the same stars have been spotted in it, both on and off the catwalk.

And big fashion names have quietly moved fur back into their collections.

Gaultier was making a big statement that favoured rustic looking furs, some still with heads attached.

They included a fox coat with two fox heads swinging away - completes with noses, eyes, teeth and all.

And there was a crocodile skin coat with its tail trailing down to the floor.

(Follow the link for the full article.)

The rumors are already going that this is Gaultier's "fuck you" to PETA after they protested his work months back. Others speculate that this is his statement on the hypocrisy of the fashion industry – that while fashionistas are disgusted by fur, leather and other animal products are still popular and human models are held to unhealthy (and some say racist) standards of appearance.

I'm a huge Gaultier fan. In my opinion he's one of the few true artists left in the fashion industry. He's avant garde in a ready-to-wear world. He's never been shy about throwing a controversial point of view in the face of the unsuspecting crowd. For instance, last year amidst the anorexia scandal he sent a size 24 burlesque performer down the runway in lingerie. It's one of the reasons I call him an artist in a world of designers – he doesn't just make clothes. he has something to say, and he wraps his statements in a breathtaking aesthetic.

Looking at the collection from a purely aesthetic standpoint, it's beautiful. The laser cutting, the color, the intricate tailoring. The sheer artistry is amazing. It's almost unfortunate that it seems to have gotten lost behind the politics. but then... that's what art does, isn't it?

I'm torn on the fur issue. I dislike the way animals in fur farms are treated, but I eat meat, wear leather, and would pretty much be a hypocrite if I railed against it too vehemently. I also own a vintahe seal fur coat that I bought a few years back – at the time I thought it was faux (I bought it online). When it arrived I realized it was real and felt too guilty to wear it for years. Finally my husband convinced me to pull it out, and I love it. But I still feel weird wearing it.

So what's the difference? Is leather really any different than fur? What about croc, ivory, etc? What are your thoughts on the Gaultier collection?
Love it. Want it. Need it.

(Getting it when my paycheck comes this week.)

Feb. 7th, 2008

Pantone, the industry standard color guide for print design, puts out a fashion color forecast every season. Their guide for Spring 2008 can be found here.


Tim Gunn's insight on the fashion and politics.

The world needs more of Tim Gunn. Tim Gunn for President!


Jan. 17th, 2008

Isaac Mizrahi to leave Target for Liz Claiborne.

This hurts me so bad. SO BAD. If I didn't love Tim Gunn so much I may never forgive him – but I can't be mad at Tim. It's just not possible.

It's a huge loss for Target, though, as well as for wannabe fashionistas with limited budgets (like me). Isaac is terrific at designing with a mind for the non-deal figure – who else is still doing full-skirted cocktail dresses that are both retro and relevant? – and I have always been in love with his bold use of color and pattern.

The GO International line is a great idea in theory, but the garment quality is usually pretty terrible. The Isaac line was fun, affordable, and well-made.

In short, I am sad.

Nov. 29th, 2007

What a great idea! Earpops are bandless earmuffs. I may get a few pairs of these since my ears get so cold in the winter, but I'm too vain to wear hats and risk frizz and/or hat hair. They come in 19 colors and are only $7.95 a pair (plus they have a buy 3 get 1 free offer!), so you can get one to match every coat (even if you have about a thousand winter coats like me).


I'm pretty sure the Victoria's Secret people have gone crazy. Their big fashion show has always been pretty gaudy, but... they really outdid themselves this time. Wings have been forgone in favor of giant snowflakes, or scarier things like giant glittering antlers.

Then there's this number, which I know is supposed to look like lips but really looks like the model is being eatn by a giant inflamed vagina. Or this sort of terrifying vision of what it might look like were Britney Spears to dress as Poison Ivy for Halloween.

They did a few somewhat interesting artist tributes – Magritte, Picasso. I actually don't hate these looks. Strange choice for lingerie, but hell, whatever gets people looking at art, right?

But the city tribute ensembles... they were pretty damn painful. Las Vegas! New York! Someplace hot with postcards!

There's a full gallery here if you think your sanity can handle it. Jus don't look directly at Heidi Klum's tiger eye bra – it may take it as a sign of aggression and eat you.