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The heat brings out the tacky

We've talked about this before...warm weather hits and people think they can wear whatever they want, completely ignoring the flesh oozing from places that simply should not ooze. Or, they completely forget the basic laws of fashion...

Such as when wearing a halter top, you should not wear a regular bra.

Now, it's one thing if your bra straps are part of the outfit. For example, I can see certain merit in a yellow wide strap tank top with cornflower blue bra straps that occasionaly peek out. I wouldn't do it, but there's effort there and I appreciate that.

However, a bright yellow halter top with standard (slightly dingy) white bra straps look an awful lot like you don't have a mirror and those "friends" you were walking with might secretly hate you. Add to that really, really, short and tight cutoffs...For a moment, I thought I had been transported to White Trash, USA and expected Britany to round the corner in any moment in her gas guzzler with SP on her lap and a beer bottle in her hand. (Note: Secretly I applaud that Brit seems to be at least putting up a show of effort. Girl is still trashy and not in the least bit fabulous about it.)



Jun. 18th, 2008 05:52 pm (UTC)
OO! maybe that can be a fun project. Snap your favorite fashion tragedy with your camera phone - ninja style. LOL