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Old Navy? New awesome!

Saw this at Old Navy today. WANT IT NOW. The fabric quality was actually really good. It was a heavy ponté knit that you could wear as-is now and then over a black turtleneck and tights for the winter. I will be going back for it, oh yes I will.

I'm also drooling over these in just about every color, especially the grey and the neon green. Ditto these, which could only be improved upon with the addition of a heel (I have fat ankles, people – heels are my friends).

If you haven't checked out Old Navy lately, do so. Todd Oldham has done wonderful things for the design and quality of their clothing. The designs are colorful, of a much better quality, and actually fashion-forward in a way that would probably surprise you from the place you used to go to for cheap t-shirts and tank tops (though they still have those, too).

I swear I'm not just plugging them because I used to work there. There's tons of cute shit there right now!

(And apparently it's going fast. The hella-cute butterfly print cardigan I wanted was nowhere to be found in the store today, and I can't find it on the website either. DAMMIT.)